Soul paintings can be created for an individual, a couple, family, friends or to help you maintain a connection with loved ones who have passed away.

Soul paints can also guide people to align more fully with their soul purpose and manifest greater abundance in their life.

Individual Soul Paintings

Soul paintings are often requested by individuals as a form of personal or spiritual guidance, to celebrate milestone occasions or to connect to loved ones who have passed over. 

People have benefited from a soul painting to guide them through changes in career and to manifest greater abundance in their life.

Couple’s Soul Paintings

What better way to celebrate the love and union of two unique souls than with a couple’s soul painting? Commissions can be created for weddings, anniversaries or any other occasion in the life of the couple.

Family Soul Paintings

A soul painting for the whole family is a beautiful way to show the profound bonds that exist within the family circle. As our understanding of family becomes more fluid, you can choose who should be included in your family soul painting.

Baby & Infant Soul Paintings

Each soul is as present on day one, as after many years. Soul paintings created at different stages during a person's life will reflect the changes and journey of the soul. A soul painting can celebrate the connection between a parent and child or it can reflect the love, joy and gifts within the child.

Soul Paintings for Loss of a Loved One

Love knows no boundaries and the eternal connnection of souls continues long after a loved one has passed away. Every individual has the power of touch the souls of others in immeasurable ways, where they're life is fleeting or long lived. 

‘I received a soul drawing in memory of my son Conor. The drawing is simply beautiful. My eye is drawn to different parts of it each time. I have read and re-read your words in the letter. I love that so much symbolises the life and not the death of my son. Your words and drawing I know will bring hope and light into our family home.’    (Conor & Eoin's mummy)

Soul Paintings for Loss during Pregnancy

Sometimes a soul passes away during pregnancy or may only stay a while after birth, but we can always celebrate them in a soul painting or include them in the family soul painting. Doing so offers a chance for a family to connect with their loved one in a new way. Breda experienced personal healing through soul paintings, after her own miscarriage. She shares more about this experience in her blog 'How it all Began'

Breda's soul paintings offer comfort to others who have experienced the often unseen grief of a miscarriage and loss during pregnancy.

The name of the mother and date, or year the soul entered the world, is all that is needed to create this type of soul painting.