‘When I unwrapped the picture the overwhelming feeling I had, was that it was so right.  It is full of energy, warmth, protection and light. Breda’s work comes straight from the heart. Our soul drawing is like hanging a spiritual anchor on my wall to help me navigate this crazy world.’

'I had a sense of excitement all day, before my soul painting was delivered. Finally, a piece of me was coming home, almost as if a jigsaw was being completed.
My initial thoughts were of fascination and surprise. As I gazed upon the drawing it all seemed to make total sense and this art represented a part of me that no one has ever seen before, it was like lifting the lid off a jar and experiencing the true essence of the contents within.

I had the most profoundly deep night sleep after seeing my Soul painting. There is a sense of being whole again and a renewed will to continue along my path and journey in this lifetime.'

‘There is something enlightening about viewing our piece of art. It triggers something inside which I can best describe as joy.
I believe the soul drawing is my daughter’s soul revealing itself to me through the artist. I'm satisfied to say that my daughter in some way is speaking to me through the drawing. I guess Breda is a messenger.
I think anyone with an open heart would benefit from a soul drawing. Personally, it offers me a closeness to my daughter.’


“Breda is a hugely gifted painter who expresses the energy of the soul in a clear and vibrant fashion.  Her paintings are individual and multi-layered – at first glance you think you have understood it and then you look again….. and again….  And every time you find another detail which adds to the full picture and sets you thinking again!

Her painting has explained aspects of me and my behaviour that I have never really understood before and has shown me future possibilities that I can now work on manifesting.

I am very grateful for the insights I have received from my soul painting - having it painted was one of my better decisions!”

Thank you so much Breda,


'Breda is a Most Beautiful Soul who has an Extraordinary Gift. She portrays through her Connection, her Art and her Words what her clients' soul wants them to be aware of.  

I was overwhelmed and my heart overflowed with peace and contentment when I saw my Soul Drawing.  It resonated deeply with my inner being.

The Letter of Guidance which accompanies the Drawing is just as powerful. I am moved every time I read it as it beautifully depicts my Soul's Journey and reminds me of Who I Really Am.  Sometimes life has a way of blocking our truth, light and purpose and Breda's gift to me is this precious reminder.

Sitting with the drawing/letter allows for a deep and profound connection to your Soul'

‘What an amazing experience. It came at an incredibly busy time and I can honestly say it is one of the most moving and humbling experiences. 
The picture immediately resonated with me, I wasn’t surprised by what I seen. Your observations were so spot on and I found it an incredibly affirming experience. It shows I am on the right path and brings huge comfort. What a beautiful gift you have. ‘

Sharon S.

‘On first seeing my soul drawing my initial thought was, ‘Wow, it’s BEAUTIFUL, I love it.’ 
It is honestly the most wonderful artwork I have ever seen. It is mesmerising, it’s a true reflection of me, my life journey and that now finally, I can flourish, on my new path.
I feel a wave of tranquillity wash over me when I look at my soul drawing. I feel a deeper connection to who I am, I feel more centred and grounded. Pondering over the painting eases any tension, fears and doubts.’
‘It is extremely restorative to look at. I use it in my relaxation zone at home. The colour and image represent who I really am.’


‘Our soul drawing is very special to me. Breda has captured in so many ways the essence of my connection with my baby daughter.  It's a beautiful drawing, so warm and so healing. I love the drawing. It captures so much of Olivia's and my story - our lives together. 
Sometimes when self-doubt creeps in, I look at our picture and I feel a little grounded by it. There is significant comfort and healing in having every member of your family present and accounted for.'


‘I absolutely adore my soul drawing. On seeing it, I felt a joy and peace sweep through me - a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. It is one of the few possessions that I really treasure. Breda’s gift and the message blew me away. It’s so deeply personal, sacred and special.’ 
Sharon O

I love having a personal drawing, unique to me. I have it in my bedroom as it's very personal.

I wasn't sure how the process 'worked' but given the situation at the time I was expecting the painting to be dark. I was really happy that the overall vibe was positive and bright yellow. 
I feel that a soul drawing can give people an insight into their emotional state at a point in time, which they can look back on, with fond memories or with a sense of appreciation.
I think people could benefit from a soul drawing if they're going through a difficult period and want an outlet.


‘When I first seen my soul drawing, I was shocked.  I never thought that there would be symbols or images maybe some colour but nothing so definite. I thought my soul drawing would be dark without much colour.
Life has a habit of getting in the way I was just drifting along. I lost sight of who I really am and what I am capable of. 
I feel very empowered when I look at my soul drawing, proud of the woman I am today. It’s a reminder that I have the power to change things, I’m the architect of my future. I feel that the strength it evoked will help me as I move forward in a new chapter in my life.’


'I had never heard of soul art before meeting Breda, but when I heard what she does I was immediately interested. I was a bit nervous when I heard my painting was complete. But, oh my God, when I saw the painting she created for me I was blown away. The colours are so me and the ideas and symbols that came up are so relevant to my life right now. 
It's fantastic to have the letter as I know I would've forgotten everything I was told. I've re-read it over and over! 
I 'work' with my painting regularly, tapping into its message. It highlighted a key action point for me in my career. Often it pops into my head during work, reminding me where to put my focus. When I'm stressed seeing my painting on the wall gives me a sense of joy, it reminds me what's important. I can honestly say that my painting is now one of my most treasured possessions - is it weird that I talk to it?! 
Thank you Breda, your gift is incredible