Your painting is accompanied by a letter which explains the images, symbolism and the story within the picture.

Previous clients have found the letter provides further insights and guidance around the various layers of the painting. Images may have risen within the hidden layers of the painting, which may represent aspects that affected your life previously but are ready to be released, having served their purpose.

'The Letter of Guidance which accompanies the Drawing is just as powerful. I am moved every time I read it as it beautifully depicts my Soul's Journey and reminds me of Who I Really Am.  Sometimes life has a way of blocking our truth, light and purpose and Breda's gift to me is this precious reminder.'


You can reflect upon the information within the letter in your own time, re-read it as often as you like, trusting that the elements that arise at a given moment are relevant right now.

‘It's fantastic to have the letter as I know I would've forgotten everything I was told. I've re-read it over and over! 

I ''work' with my painting regularly, tapping into its message. It highlighted a key action point for me in my career. Often it pops into my head during work, reminding me where to put my focus.’