First up, let’s be honest, a soul painting is not for everyone.

The good news is that, what a soul painting offers will definitely interest you if you’re a person who seeks the deeper meaning in life, is open minded, guided by their intuition, loves to dive deep into meaningful conversations, is open to new experiences or a new direction in life, likes to take the road less travelled, sees beauty in nature, is grateful for everyday things and believes in silver linings!

You will appreciate and feel the gentle healing that your soul paintings can offer. Each painting is created to specifically resonate with the true essence of your soul’s true light. if you’ve experienced the emotional challenges of life, grieved the loss of a loved one or had your heartbroken, a soul painting can sooth the soul and give you a sense of the bigger picture.

Your soul painting will support you to connect to your inner strength, to learn to live in alignment with your soul purpose and have compassion for yourself and others who have walking a similar path to you.

People can have a soul painting created

  • to celebrate their connection with a loved one, a new baby, partner, sibling, a family or friend
  • to bring healing to ancestral lineage
  • to connect with loved ones in spirit

So if you’re ready to find a new way to connect to your soul purpose, feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.