People sometimes worry about what I might see but I reassure them that I don’t see specific details about a person or their actions.

When I create a soul painting, I only see colours, symbols or animals that reflect the energy, strengths and journey of the person. These elements all weave together to offer guidance and tell a story through metaphor, which will resonate with the person receiving the painting.

The guidance and meanings behind the symbolism are recorded in a letter, which accompanies each painting. This also means that a soul painting can be on view in a home but other people may never see the hidden message within the image, as the story in the image is subtle but the letter records the more in depth meaning, within the painting, thus respecting the privacy of the individual at all times.

Acknowledging our light, gifts and uniqueness can take more courage and strength that focusing on what we feel is wrong with us.

We are all only too aware of the negative thoughts and images we can have of ourselves.

Who needs reminding of negativity in a painting?

What we need most is a positive, gentle, visual reminder that we are unique, we are enough, we do enough and it’s time to be true to ourselves.