"I am 49 years old and have spent a large proportion of my life trying to figure out my purpose!

I recently became an Interfaith Minister and now more than ever, it felt important to see if I was on the right track, so Breda's soul art felt like a good investment.

The process from start to finish has been a beautiful journey to a destination that was always inside me. Breda's painting made it visible.

I am based in England and had no contact with Breda before she created my soul painting, other than to email a recent photo of myself. 

Breda contacted me when she started my painting, to explain that during the process, I might feel tired and to take care of myself and rest. I did feel more tired than usual. Once she had finished, Breda let me know my soul painting was on its way.

I was so excited, what would my soul say?

The day my soul painting arrived, I waited until my children/husband had gone to school/work.

I sat down to open the most personal magical gift I had ever received.

I opened the letter first and the accuracy of the messages that had come via Breda, were breath taking. I then turned over the picture and wept.

It was beautiful.

My first response was WOW. My second was deep gratitude. My tears flowed freely as Breda had articulated so much of what I knew unconsciously'.

If you would like a window to your soul, a moment to see deep inside yourself, to silence all the niggling doubts you have, about where your life’s going, then give yourself this gift .

It sits in my office and I use it for meditation every day. It is not just a piece of art it is a powerful vision board of sorts."