"One of my Irish friends introduced me to Breda's soul paintings while I was visiting. Once I saw them, I knew I had to have one. It was such a fun and moving experience. I emailed Breda a few photos of myself, but no other information. I eagerly awaited the results and wasn't disappointed. I was moved to tears when I saw my soul painting for the first time. Breda's artwork was beautiful and mesmerizing, but the letter that came with it was even more so.

Breda meditates on the photos and then is inspired to create the piece. She writes a detailed (mine was two pages) letter explaining the images that come to her in the meditation. 

I'm a spiritual person, but for those that are sceptical, I'd share this story. I was meditating the night before my package arrived from Ireland. My meditation was interrupted by an urgent need to sketch out the image that suddenly appeared in my head. Um, weird, but I did it.

Imagine my shock and joy when I opened the envelope and saw that Breda's painting was very similar to my sketch, including the colours and symbols used. I know that was my spirit guides providing validation that the messages in the letter were, in fact, for me.

Everyone that has seen my soul painting loves it. If you're thinking about getting one, don't wait."

Lisa Bain,

Author and bereavement blogger, America


It's always great to hear back from people after they receive their soul image. I recently received lovely feedback from a client in America. Lisa has kindly agreed to her words being shared with you.