“I am the proud owner of soul art by Breda Marron. It truly is an incredible feeling to have another human being gaze into your soul and express it in a painting, in light, in colour, in movement, in symbols and in meaning.

It is so much more than a work of art, it is a treasure to me!

Breda created a soul art painting for me at a difficult time in my life. The world was in the grip of a COVID-19 and things in my professional and personal life were quite unstable.

Through deep meditation Breda connected with me spiritually. She drew on my energy and strength. At a glance, her artwork would make very little sense to anyone else. But the colour, images and symbols in the painting are incredibly meaningful to me. They told the story of my life and helped me to understand my current situation.

The piece helped me to accept life as it currently is, to prepare for changes and, most importantly, to let go.

Breda’s letter explaining the piece, was so intuitive and compassionate. Yes, the process brought forth experiences and emotions that were buried deep within me but in a very comforting and supportive way.

I feel at peace, braver and more resilient as a result.

Put simply, Soul Art is a powerful type of spiritual guidance. It is non-invasive. You don’t have to revisit your painful past, loss or your current challenges to part-take in it. Having experienced Soul Art, I now feel deeply connected to myself in way that I’d never felt before. I’m not sure if that makes any sense but a deep-rooted connection is what consistently comes to the fore when I look at my soul image.

Each time I look at the painting, I see my story and am filled with courage and strength to push forward.

Just entrust yourself to Breda Marron and allow her to create a piece for you.”