“I am a very practical and sceptical person. When I first heard about Soul Paintings, I probably raised my eyebrows a little. How can anybody paint a soul? Is that even possible? What’s the value of it? Is that something I’d invest in? I really had no clue about what Soul Paintings were, how the process worked and what it would have meant for me.

Isn’t it true that a lot of the time we are sceptical about things we simply don’t understand?

But then I met Breda. She asked me to do some photographs for her website and of her work and I dropped in to her studio.

I was able to step into her world and learn about her creative process. That changed everything for me.

I think we can all recognise when things are created from a place of truth, so I decided to open up to this idea and for Breda to work on my Soul Painting. 

I can’t really describe how it felt, but it was a little bit unsettling; I felt quite vulnerable. What will she find in my Soul!?! I was also going through a lot at the time. I didn’t feel grounded or connected so I wasn’t sure it was the best time for it.

Breda was right in suggesting that, for that reason, it could be a very good time to do it, as it would help the process of grounding. And it did. 

A few days later we met again. She presented me with a beautiful framed art piece. We talked about the images and symbols that she had experienced during her meditations when working on this piece. I found it fascinating and I was trying really hard not to forget anything she was saying. I didn’t have to do that. The Soul Painting comes with something else, that I will forever treasure. It came with a personal letter explaining my piece in detail. Something I can go back to anytime, and that helps me discover more aspects to my drawing and myself as time passes. 

It was a beautiful experience. Breda has a very special energy and light and I was honoured she shared it with me.”


Thank you Ana for giving permission to share your experience and image.