The unknown can be exciting and daunting.

Before I begin a soul image, I only ask the recipient for their name and a photo. I keep an open mind and I don't have a preconcieved idea of how it will look. The image slowly evolves and unfolds as I work.

To be honest there's always a part of me that feels a bit nervous when I reveal a finished soul image.

I sometimes wonder ''Did I get it right?' 

Will they feel a connection to the images? Will the letter reveal the guidance they need? Will they think it was worth it?'

So you can imagine how wonderful it is to receive a 'Thank You' note, such as Deborah's, confirming that it all made sense and brought new clarity and comfort.


'The beautiful soul painting I received from Breda is something I will treasure always. Embarking on commissioning a soul painting is both an exciting and surreal experience, but after meeting Breda briefly at an exhibition I could tell that she has a very special gift and I feel so humbled to have been the recipient of that talent. 

My soul painting is so beautiful and calming to look at and I keep it where I like to relax. It was accompanied by an incredible letter about my soul and my journey which was so accurate it was uncanny but also very comforting and there was incredible advice throughout which I will absolutely take on board. 

The process was so effortless for me, and at all times Breda was incredibly kind, reassuring and approachable. As an artist myself, I understand the painting process and the magic that can happen but Breda's paintings are different and go so much further beyond a normal painting. These pieces are so powerful and the messages contained in them so magical.

This is not only an investment in art - it's an investment in well-being, self-love and gratitude.'


Deborah Cogley,