Through soul art, you can receive a visual overview of your life's path, your soul purpose, as your inner spiritual being is brought to the fore. Displaying a soul painting in your home can be both empowering and healing.

The various reasons that people have commissioned soul paintings are to:     

  • guide them along their path of self-development  
  • celebrate new life, unions, weddings and family connections
  • tap into inner guidance for business developments, career changes, retirements
  • strengthen connections and bring healing to ancestral lineage.
  • develop to deeper spiritual connection
  • connect to loved ones in spirit

Previous clients have spoke of a comforting sense of ‘coming home’, a greater understanding of their life purpose along with a sense of inner peace and clarity. Many have reported a greater flow of abundance, as they align to their inner strengths and true path in life.

'Breda is a hugely gifted painter who expresses the energy of the soul in a clear and vibrant fashion.  Her paintings are individual and multi-layered – at first glance you think you have understood it and then you look again….. and again….  And every time you find another detail which adds to the full picture and sets you thinking again!

Her painting has explained aspects of me and my behaviour that I have never really understood before and has shown me future possibilities that I can now work on manifesting.

I am very grateful for the insights I have received from my soul painting  - having it painted was one of my better decisions!' (Anne)

Soul paintings can offer confirmation of those dreams and abilities that the world around us doesn’t always appreciate. In this way, a soul painting acts as a companion on your life’s journey and a positive visual affirmation specific to you and your soul purpose in life.

'The whole experience makes me feel centred, calmer, less anxious and a little braver and having it hanging on the wall reminds me of this every day.’ (Jean)

'My initial thoughts were of fascination and surprise. As I gazed upon the drawing it all seemed to make total sense and this art represented a part of me that no one has ever seen before, it was like lifting the lid off a jar and experiencing the true essence of the contents within.'  (Fiona)