Apologies for the silence and for the length of time since I last posted about my soul art.

I could give you a list of reasons why I haven’t posted in so long, but instead I’m going to admit I did what I could each day, juggled the ups and downs of the last year and it took until recently to feel I had the space to connect back more clearly with my soul art.

My mojo definitely took a hit with all the events of the past year. I decided to take a break from the soul art but I’m happy to say I am feeling excited about getting back into it.

It had been so long since I last wrote a post that I didn’t know where to start, so I just kept putting it off!

The idea of writing something that people would find interesting seemed like a tall order and I kept thinking I had nothing of interest to say or share.

Then I got a reminder last night that it isn’t about me.

Soul art is very different to just creating a drawing or painting. It's more about offering people a personal visual anchor, to help them realign to their lifepath and to find direction through times of uncertainty or loss. 

Soul art is a way to bring positive energy and support to people who are reflecting and seeking their life purpose. It has the potential to bring a sense of peace and joy to those who wish to connect to their strengths, intuition, and resilience.

Soul art has also been a powerful way to capture the connection and flow of love between individuals and their loved ones who have passed over.

I’m writing this to acknowledge that it is time for me to show up, stop standing in the background and openly share what I can offer.

So please feel free to ask me any questions or comment below if there’s something you’re unclear about. You’ll probably also be helping someone else who is afraid to ask. If you want to contact me directly, you can email me on [email protected]

Here’s to showing up even if I’m not so sure what to say….