When I'm asked to do a soul image for a child who has passed over, it is such a privilege and an honour.  Creating a soul image for Séimí is an experience I know I will always remember and I feel blessed to have been asked to do it. 

Séimí's mam has kindly written the following words to describe her experience.

'My husband was the one who was eager to have Breda do a soul painting in memory of our son. I was a little sceptical but happy to go along with his desire. The week of the painting I was having some very vivid dreams & memories, which I only really thought back on in hindsight. The content of these were present in this painting. When we were collecting the painting I was a little nervous but I should not have been, as Breda was a lovely, kind person.
Upon seeing the painting I felt pulled in to it. The colours were bold & awesome, much like our little boy. Breda's description of the painting was deep & on point for our little boys personality. It was him to a tee. She brought to life again a side of our boy that we had perhaps let slide in the depths of our grief.

She reminded us to remember to laugh & play, exactly what he loved to do most. It is such a personal thing to commission but Breda's empathy, talent & depth of vision is amazing.

Trust her. 

I look upon the painting every day, imagining our boy as the happy soul he always was.'

My heartfelt thanks to David and Orna, for their permission to share these words and Séimí beautiful photo.