The sight of an older couple walking along holding hands, has always given me that warm fuzzy feeling. There’s something reassuring and heart-warming about seeing love that has stood the test of time.

You can imagine the joy I felt when I recently got an email to let me know that Jim, 86 years old, wanted to order the 'Anam Cara' print as a birthday surprise for his 81 year old wife – his private message to her was so beautiful and heartfelt.

The very idea of remembering a significant others birthday, in time to order it online or even finding a way of surprizing your partner after 56 years of marriage, is mind blowing in itself!

It’s moments like these that really bring home how beautiful and important it is to show appreciation to the special people who make our days brighter and lighter.

Thank you, Anne, for the lovely message below and for permission to share this fabulous photo of the birthday girl, Mary and her romantic beau Jim. I think we can rest easy knowing that Prince charming is alive and well and living in Clogherhead, with the love of his life!

‘Huge thanks to Breda Marron who delivered her beautiful Soul Art print to my 86 year old Dad as his gift for my Mum’s 81st birthday. He chose “Anam Cara” the Celtic for soul friend: someone you can share your innermost self with, your mind and your heart. Almost 56 years married and still in love. Blessed to have such wonderful parents leading by example.’